Indigenous Entrepreneurship Course: LEARNING FOR LIFE

Creating a path to success through business

From construction companies, to videography, to artist cooperatives, many Indigenous adults have established successful small businesses Today’s Indigenous economy is estimated to be around $32 billion, with roughly 45,000 Indigenous businesses across virtually every sector. 

Entrepreneurs are people who have confidence in themselves and in their ideas and the initiative to make it happen.

The Right Honourable Paul Martin, Founder of the Martin Family Initiative and the 21st Prime Minister of Canada


There are also many Indigenous adults who want to establish a small business but may not know where to start. How does one develop a business plan? What are the key elements of a successful business start-up? MFI’s Indigenous Entrepreneurship Course (IEC) teaches these concepts.


  • IEC is a 60-hour course developed by MFI.
  • The end product is a business plan.
  • The course’s reading-level is accessible and learning materials are easy to work with.  
  • IEC is flexible and can be offered over multiple weekends, or daily over two weeks, or in other delivery schedules.  
  • Students participate in a variety of hand-on activities to help them gain applicable knowledge and self-confidence.
  • Instructors and the manager of the institution/organization offering the course must participate in a one-day training program offered by MFI.
  • MFI worked with Nelson Publishing to develop a student workbook and a resource binder for the instructors. Students keep the workbook at the end of the course.

Inspiring Indigenous adults to achieve their dreams.