Indigenous youth have the right to economic participation in Canada. MFI works with educators, Indigenous business leaders, and organizations to develop programming that introduces Indigenous youth and young adults to the world of business and finance. Learners gain access to courses, mentors, and resources that develop practical and personal skills to work towards economic well-being.

Economic Well-being

Full reconciliation with Indigenous Peoples will not happen without economic reconciliation.

Dawn Madahbee Leach, Chairperson of the National Indigenous Economic Development Board

MFI’s economic well-being programs support Indigenous student success in high school, the workplace, post-secondary studies, and daily life. MFI introduces young people and adults to the world of business through mentorship opportunities and resources that reflect their diverse lived experiences. Beyond business skills, students gain a strong sense of self-confidence and motivation to share their unique perspectives with the world.

We recognize that each Indigenous community has its own history, demographics, geography, and culture. Taking a collaborative approach, our community and school-led economic well-being programs support organizations in building and enhancing courses that best meet the needs of different learners.

Want to promote Indigenous economic well-being? Reach out to us for all your inquiries, to start collaborating, or to contribute funding.

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