Indigenous Entrepreneurship Course

The road to starting your own business is paved with uncertainty. MFI’s Indigenous Entrepreneurship Course (IEC) teaches Indigenous people of all ages how to develop a business plan and other key elements that can contribute to a successful business endeavour.

About the Program

With 60 hours of hands-on content and a flexible schedule, the program has been used by friendship centers, Band Councils, correctional facilities, colleges, and school boards. 

There are no prerequisites for participants. They come from all walks and stages of life. Participants work through MFI’s original, accessible learning materials and walk away with a completed business plan.

  • 236

    number of instructors trained

  • 375

    number of learners who have completed the course

  • OVER 50

    organizations have offered the course since it started in 2018

The Impact

From construction companies to videography and artist cooperatives, there are many models of successful small businesses led by Indigenous entrepreneurs. Today’s Indigenous economy is estimated to be around $32 billion, with roughly 45,000 Indigenous businesses across virtually every sector.

Our Role

MFI recognizes that each Indigenous community has its own history, demographics, geography, and culture. Taking a collaborative approach, our community-led entrepreneurship program supports organizations in delivering courses that best meet the needs of different learners. MFI also recognizes the critical importance of experiential knowledge and trains and supports local instructors who do not need to be certified schoolteachers to teach the course.

Explore MFI’s virtual learning hub called The Training & Resources for Early Education & Schools (TREES) Network. TREES is a space for delivering and accessing culturally appropriate training, professional development, resources, supportive circles and peer mentorship opportunities for Indigenous and non-Indigenous learning professionals working with Indigenous children, students and families.