MFI is committed to improving not only education for Indigenous children, youth, and adults but also the wider determinants that influence their educational outcomes, including health and well-being.

Early Childhood

The future of any society depends on its ability to nurture the healthy development of the next generation.

There is a wealth of research that supports the vital importance of getting the first five years of a child’s life right. A child’s brain develops faster than at any other time in their life – and their environment and interactions inform their growth during this critical time. Through MFI’s work in early childhood, we honour parents as their first and best teachers so that children grow up happy, healthy, and ready to learn.


Enhancing a child’s literacy skills in elementary school dramatically strengthens success in high school and beyond.

It is vital that First Nations, Inuit and Métis Nation children are given the same opportunities to learn as their non-Indigenous peers. MFI’s focus on early literacy is driven by the goal that by the end of Grade 3 every child is equipped with the reading and writing skills they need to have continued school success. MFI focuses on creating a strong foundation to ensure children not only have the tools necessary to learn, but also to encourage pride in one’s cultural identity, language, and history. 

Entrepreneurship & Mentoring

Supporting Indigenous student success in high school and beyond

MFI’s entrepreneurship programs support Indigenous student success in high school, the work place, post-secondary studies, and in daily life. MFI introduces young people and adults to the world of business through mentorship opportunities and resources that reflect their diverse lived-experiences. Beyond the business skills gained in MFI’s entrepreneurship courses, students gain a strong sense of self-confidence and motivation to share their unique perspectives with the world.


MFI’s diverse and dynamic resources support professionals in the field of Indigenous education

MFI offers resources to support educators and professionals in the field of Indigenous education. We created a virtual library for educators and others to explore learning materials, research, and policy.

Additional Programming

The First Nations Schools Principals’ Course is designed for principals, vice-principals, and aspiring school leaders to develop educational leadership skills and school improvement strategies. 

The Food Sustainability Program (FSP) supports Indigenous communities in addressing food insecurity through hands-on learning approaches, engaging elementary and high school students.