Collaborating with Indigenous communities,
for Indigenous children and youth

By working together to remove the barriers that keep Indigenous People from achieving success in school and in life, we can create positive impacts that will span generations.

If we want Canada to succeed, Indigenous children must succeed. As the youngest and fastest-growing segment of the population, their potential is our future.

The Right Honourable Paul Martin, Founder of the Martin Family Initiative and the 21st Prime Minister of Canada


Founded by the Right Honourable Paul Martin and his family in 2008, MFI was born out of their desire to work with Indigenous Peoples to bring about change.

Since then, the foundation has gained momentum, growing far beyond expectations. To advance the well-being of Indigenous children, MFI collaborates directly with communities and governments, weaving Indigenous knowledge together with the most current research and evidence-informed methods.

Prior to founding MFI, and working in collaboration with Indigenous leadership, the Right Honourable Paul Martin was instrumental, as Prime Minister of Canada, in leading the negotiation of the historic Kelowna Accord, a watershed moment for Indigenous policymaking in Canada.


Made up of passionate people from across Canada, the MFI team is a tight-knit group committed to advancing the values of reconciliation and social justice for First Nations, Inuit, and Métis Peoples.