Building the future

A better future begins with education

The Martin Family Initiative (MFI) works together with First Nations, Inuit, and Métis Nation People to support education, health, and overall well-being for children, youth, and adults. We believe everyone should have the opportunity to reach their full potential.


MFI’s programs strengthen education across the spectrum of learning: support for parents and young children in their earliest years of life, literacy in First Nations elementary schools, entrepreneurship at the high school level, and mentorship for students to pursue post-secondary education.

We also provide resources to support Indigenous education more broadly, including a virtual library for educators to explore learning materials and research reports.

We helped create a skills development course for principals, vice-principals, and aspirants working in First Nations schools across Canada. Learn more

Our vision is equity of opportunity

MFI sees the potential in every person.

Despite incremental progress, Indigenous People in Canada still face barriers to essential services such as education and healthcare. That is why it is important to support their well being. Indeed it is critical for all Canadians. 

Indigenous peoples account for 4.9% of the national population

Indigenous children under 14 represent 7% of all children in Canada

Youth represent nearly half of the Indigenous population. They are the youngest and fastest growing segment of Canada’s population.

MFI By the Numbers

9 Provinces & 2 Territories

100 Locations

Over 8000 Students since 2008

  •   Aboriginal Youth Entrepreneurship Program
  •   Entrepreneurship and Mentoring
  •   Indigenous Entrepreneurship Course
  •   Model Schools Literacy Project
  •   The Early Years