Our Team

We are a small team of passionate people who advocate for Indigenous education, health, and overall well-being.
The Right Honourable Paul Martin

David Martin

Laurence Duguay Martin
Vice President and CEO

Lucie Santoro
Director of Administration, Communications and Stakeholder Relations

Dr. Carlana Lindeman
Education Program Director

Sarah Lozinski
Executive Assistant to the Founder

Taylor Murray
Financial Controller

Thérèse Horvath
Personal and Scheduling Assistant to the Founder

Natalie Kramar

Early Childhood Team

Chloe Ferguson

Jess Hayden
Associate Director

Rebecca LaRiviere
Early Learning & Child Care Lead

Kayli Avveduti
Regional Coordinator

Rachel Buchanan
Training & Development Manager

Janoah Willsie
Evaluation Coordinator

Maria Biondi
Production & Communications Manager

Rachel Pacione
Research Assistant

Entrepreneurship Team

Susan Aris

Dave Isherwood

Yves Bousquet

Melanie Leblanc
Administrative coordinator

Literacy Team

Julia O’Sullivan, Ph.D
Chief Advisor

Jackie Skinner
Administrative Director 

Vaughan Stoyka
Director of Education

Mark Denomy
Program Director

Annette Fox-BruisedHead
Associate Program Director, Leadership & Community Engagement

Maggie Dunlop
Evaluation Scientist

Dan Garvey
IT Support Administrator

Beth Eveleigh
Literacy Coach

 Carol Ryder
Literacy Coach

Elizabeth Bradley
Literacy Coach

Samantha St.Michael
Literacy Coach

Penny Jones
Library Consultant

Don Jones
Library Consultant

Shannon Mouchet
Administrative Assistant

Janet Goosney
Research Assistant